The Family Tree of Life. Is a tree of many leaves. Some change colors but they all know each other and accept each other. Love is a thing that a family must represent and then then the tree can

The moment the I Do's where over. I could not wait to whisk her off into the sunset. The girl that I always loved was now one with me. She is the most beautiful and amazing woman. That kiss changed

High school senior pictures are an American tradition that has been around at least since the cold war. These treasured photos taken by a professional photographer during the high school senior year capture teenage freshness as it’s poised on the

Shown here is a photo of me (Joel Moses) in the studio with Ernie Reyes Sr. I have worked with him for years. He is a accomplished martial artist that is now the worlds most amazing mentor and teacher. He

High Rise photography is one of my favorite past times. I love finding the perfect perspective that will lend the best correction of vertical and horizontal lines with the least amount of distortion.

In 1952 Henri Cartier-Bresson, a founder of modern photojournalism, proposed one of the most fascinating and highly debated concepts in the history of photography: “the decisive moment.” This moment occurs when the visual and psychological elements of people in a

Every wedding that I shoot tells a very unique and special story and no two weddings are alike. This is always a very special day for me and my team. To be a master wedding photographer one must traverse through

I was there when the film world fell of it's hinges and digital slowly started to rear it's head. I knew people that just could not make it over the hump. They just refused to give up there darkrooms which

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